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Crystal ballin’

No one really knows what’s going to happen to the print publishing business in 2009. But that doesn’t stop people (like me) trying! One thing is for sure: if 2008 was when years of largely ignored change finally caught up to the industry, 2009 will be the year that really decides what kind of print product, if any, can survive.

Magazines have had a particularly shithouse 2008 and you’d expect casualties in ’09, possibly in the first quarter, as the full extent of the depressed ad market kicks in. Here’s a story in Media Life Magazine that gives some insight into what titles may, and may not, survive. This bit in particular seems to ring true: “The news categories are vulnerable. Any magazine or category that is essentially data-driven or news-driven, where the web can offer more current, more frequent access to information, is vulnerable.”


Let’s make lots of money

The big question in the new-media age: how do news organisations make money online? Here’s one idea: reverse syndication. Basically, instead of news gatherers (like Reuters – or any big news producer really) charging companies to use their stories, they pay these organisations a percentage of the ad revenue generated by the organisations linking to their sites. Huh? Read this. Clever clogs media bloke Jeff Jarvis can explain it better.

Win that new-media argument with your old-media boss

Here’s a great post which kind of sums up the resistance to new media that many old-media types feel. Frankly, I find myself siding a little with the old-media types on many of the points, but that’s probably because I haven’t yet quite weened myself off newsprint and glossy pages.

Starting in the middle

No establishing scenes, no preamble (unless you include this which, technically, is a preamble), no fanfare. This is a blog about media: its future, its prospects, its new and interesting shapes – and what the career prospects for journalists like me really are. I guess the very existence of this blog is acknowledgement that things ain’t what they used to be (here’s a piece about why blogging is the future of universe: http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/the-beauty-of-blogging/).

Tomorrow, I expect news of “restructuring” at my company, ACP. Happy times.