About this blog

Anyone who says they know what form the media landscape, and publishing in particular, will take in 10 years time is a liar. Even Rupert “Last Real Newsman” Murdoch is talking out of his arse on this topic. Will the printed word exist? If so, what words will be printed on said paper? And can you really make a buck in online media? How? Ads? Subscriptions?

Frankly, it’s all a bit baffling and sorta terrifying to a salaried schlub trying to earn a dollar from his words. So, what’s the blog about? A couple of things:

  1. it’s a forum where I post my musings on the state of media, with a particular emphasis on the publishing biz (and hopefully encourage others to contribute their own musings); and
  2. it’s a blog, and blogging, according to the blogs, is the future of communication/journalism/everything. So let’s just call this a bit of on-the-job training.

Post now. Post often.


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