The Kindle era begins

Remember, like, 10 years ago, when they used to tell us that one day we’d all be reading newspapers on lightweight electronic tablets? And we were all like, “No way, man! Paper rules!” And then we laughed and went back to whacking off to low-res 30-sec porn preview clips on Netscape. Well, the electronic tablet of the future is here – which means we’re living in the future! Finally!

It’s called the Kindle, and it’s made by Amazon. You can read books on it aswell as newspapers. It’s a clunky looking piece of tech, but by all accounts it works a treat, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular way for Yanks to get their news. You can’t get it in Australia yet, but it can’t be long.

Could this be the kind of new media/old media-straddling device that saves publishing?


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